What is LIPO & How does LIPO pay?

LIPO is an android application and it is also an ad agency shows ads in your app and make money, and give that money to you, Friends when we install lipo app in our mobile then ads come in app. we don't have to click on any ads, only we have to keep the LIPO app on our mobile, and open it and watch the ad.

Product Overview

Hello Friends, Welcome to Lipo business, If anyone wants to earn money and wants to work online with mobile and from home, this is a good opportunity for you. You can easily earn 5000-10000 monthly by joining this business. Only you have to work 2-3 hr. It's a troll-free business, you won't have to spend money here and the interesting thing about this business, you don't have to install any apps or watch any video, and don't have to click on any ads, only you have to register on LIPO and keep the lipo mobile app on your mobile. whoever wants to join this business read this post and if you like it please do share with your friends and end unemployment.

LIPO is real or fake?

It's a 100% real app. KARINCA TECHNOLOGIES LLP company made this app. Whose head office is in JAIPUR RAJASTHAN. More than 10000 people downloaded this app, rating of this app is 4.4 . More than 100 people rate this app, so you can think that it's real or fake.

How to join LIPO APP?

To join the Lipo business, here is the step by step process. Follow these steps and get unlimited income from this business.
You will get payment in your Paytm or Bank account.

Company Website :

Joining Process

Step - 1

First go to play store and search for the LIPO app and click on the install button for download or you can also download it from the link below.

Download Here
Step - 2

Now open the lipo app and register with your 10 digits Paytm number and click next.

Step - 3

Then you receive an OTP on the registered mobile number, enter the OTP and after that use the referral code and click next.

Step - 4

Go to the app and click on the menu button to complete your profile.

Step - 5

You will get a referral link from the app and you can use it to share with your friend when they download it you will get a referral bonus.

Step - 6

You can play spin to earn points and on the daily basis you will get three lives for play spin and you can also get extra life from watching a video once you have 50 points in your spin you can redeem it.

Step - 7

Whatever points you earned from spin, lucky draw, etc you can redeem it to my point, and once you will get a minimum of 1000 points then you can redeem it to your Paytm account.

Note:- The joining process can be changed according to the time.

Referral & Level Wise Income

You will get referral income from level 1 to 10. you can also earn from spin & win. When your friend joins with your referral id he shows on your level 1, and after that, if your friend joins someone, then he shows on your level 2 and by this process, you can earn till level 10.

Level Income
Level 1 ₹ 4.25
Level 2 ₹ 2.10
Level 3 ₹ 1.00
Level 4 ₹ 0.51
Level 5 ₹ 0.29
Level 6 ₹ 0.21
Level 7 ₹ 0.17
Level 8 ₹ 0.14
Level 9 ₹ 0.08
Level 10 ₹ 0.026
Refer only five people and earn 2.50 lakh monthly income.

If you add 5 people and each of them also adds 5 people then your earning will be like this

🔰 Only 5 Joining Calculator

💯 Life Time Income

Level Income
Level 1 ₹ 21.25
Level 2 ₹ 52.50
Level 3 ₹ 125.00
Level 4 ₹ 318.75
Level 5 ₹ 906.25
Level 6 ₹ 3281.25
Level 7 ₹ 13281.25
Level 8 ₹ 54687.50
Level 9 ₹ 156250.00
Level 10 ₹ 253906.25

How I get payment?

You can withdraw all of your earning into Paytm . You can get these payments daily in your account. The minimum withdrawal amount is ₹ 5. You can make as many withdrawals as you want.

If you add anyone in Lipo with your referral id you need to inform them of these three important things :

  • 1. Do not uninstall the Lipo application from your mobile phone and if you don't click on Today's Attendance then you will not be considered active so that you will not get a daily bonus.
  • 2. Must open the app 1 time in 24 hours and must click on Today's Attendance.
  • 3. If all Lipo users follow these 2 rules, then the payout will keep coming to all of them as determined by the company.

LIPO App more information

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